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Create a furry fundraiser


1. Start a fundraiser

Sign up and create
a personal fundraising page
fur your cause.

2. Reach Out

Let everyone know about your goal,
even cat people. We’ll give donors
of $50 or more a free BarkBox!


3. Raise Money

Receive donations, keep track
of your progress and make
a difference.

Start your fundraiser

Create a furry fundraiser

“It’s easy for charities to set up fundraisers and easy for people to donate. BarkGive is a win win for everyone!”

Ashley Looper – Founder, TurboRoo Designs

“With a simple link and setup we were able to raise thousands of dollars for senior dogs in need! Something I could never have done all on my own. “

Dorie Herman – Owner, Chloe Kardoggian

When it comes to helping dogs in need,
nothing is impawsible.

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